Fayetteville Roller Derby is the premier flat track roller derby league in Fayetteville. Started in 2006 as the Rogue Rollergirls, Fayetteville Roller Derby has grown to include over 40 skaters, divided into different teams.

members of the league

photo by Joe Rone

The Rogue Rollergirls, as we are best-known for, are the All-Star team for Fayetteville Roller Derby. These are the top skaters in our League, and compete in sanctioned interleague bouts. The Rogue Rollergirls skate against various teams in both home and away bouts.

members of the charter team

photo by Joe Rone

The Ritzy Rollers and the Wreckers are Fayetteville Roller Derby’s two Home Teams. They have a fierce rivalry, and compete for the honor of being dubbed the best.

members of the Ritzy Rollers team

Ritzy Rollers (photo by Joe Rone)

members of the Homewreckers team

Wreckers (photo by Joe Rone)

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