Meet Our League!

Our league is comprised of skaters, skating officials, non-skating officials, and volunteers. 


The Rogue All Stars are the top 20 skaters of Fayetteville Roller Derby. These skaters are a tough, fierce, formidable force and have been said by many to be some of the hardest hitters out there. These players make up the team roster and compete in sanctioned interleague bouts. The outcomes of these bouts are used to calculate interleague rankings. The Rogue All Star team skates against teams from the southeast region, in both home and away games.


Don’t be fooled by their appearance! The Ritzy Rollers are posh and precise when taking down their enemies. Donning their diamonds and pearls, these red-and-black polished princesses play just as hard as any other team, they just look much better doing so. Their motto: Pinkies Up!


The name says it all: the Wreckers are powerful, hard-hitting, and always ready for a rumble. Clad in black-and-blue, they will leave the same on the bodies of their opponents. Tread with caution; these tough broads will wreck your life….on the track. Deception and perfection are wonderful traits…

Officials & Volunteers

Roller derby officials and volunteers are the unsung heroes of the game, ensuring its integrity and excitement with their unwavering commitment. Without them, the roller derby couldn't roll on!