VaLisa Raptor #477

Joined Rogue: March 2012

Rogue Debut:

Profession: Air Force, Public Affairs Officer

Skate Gear: Riedell skates, Atom wheels

Teams You've Played For: Rage City Rollergirls--Travel Team and Devil's Club

How did you get involved with roller derby?: My first job was working at the Eutaw skating rink, so I think it's been in me forever. As I got older I traded my skates for rollerblades. I saw derby girls practicing in Alaska and it gave me an excuse to give up my rollerblades and play on quad skates again. I'm not giving them up this time!

How did you choose your derby name?: My name is a combination of my name, Lisa, and my job. In Alaska I worked with the F-22s, the Raptors...together it makes VaLisa Raptor. A guy I worked with suggested it and people in my office voted. My number is 477, from my unit in Alaska, the 477th Fighter Group. : )

Pre-Derby Sports Background: Softball and volleyball for E.E. Smith, Intramural softball, volleyball, kickball, rugby; 2 and a half marathons, a sprint triathalon and dozens of 5Ks; Recreational skiing, snowboarding, hiking.

Off Skates Workouts: Running, circuit training, yoga, hula hooping : )

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Becoming a Rollergirl! The RCR league made us jam through a pack made up of ALL of the leagues I got "love taps" from all the ladies in the pack they also tagged me with a name tag with my new derby name on it...when I came out the other side of the pack I was a different woman. No longer just Lisa, now also VaLisa Raptor!

Favorite Derby Moment: My first travel team bout in Canada. So fun to travel with as a team to a place I'd never been before.

Likes: Strong women that encourage and support each other.

Dislikes: Seafood

Derby Heroes: JENetically Evil, Lethal Lavendar, Blitzkreig Baker, Deanne T., Westcoast, Psychobabble, Joy Collision, Suzy Hotrod

Pre-Bout Ritual: Paint my face, drink lots of water, love up on my hubby, our Rogue announcer. Love you, baby!

Derby Wife/Spouse: Still derby single :)

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