Urban Grrrilla #500lbs

Joined Rogue: July 2011

Rogue Debut: August 2012

Profession: Middle school art teacher, part-time artist, and fulltime Dreamer

Skate Gear: Riedell 265, Invader plates DA45, Atom Super Gs or Poisons, 187 pads

Teams You've Played For: Rogue, Rogue, and Rogue

How did you get involved with roller derby?: I have always wanted to do this and I was not getting any younger. My dear friend, Bloody MaryGoodnight started to skate and I went to a couple bouts and that was it, I was hooked. Goodnight was my inspiration to try and continues to inspire me every day.

How did you choose your derby name?: Borrowed from my fabulous son, Carlos Santiago Cataluña’s design and who hasn’t wanted to be a 500 .lb. gorilla before?

Pre-Derby Sports Background: I am the spawn of two super jocks, does that help? Gymnastics, tennis, soccer, running the streets and woods when I was younger.

Off Skates Workouts: Whatever gets my feet moving and my heart pumping at least four times a week.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Getting broke off (spiral compound fracture of my tibia and fibula) three months into joining Rogue and never giving up! I continued to go to practices on crutches, then wearing a boot, and working out on the sidelines. This may seem like a strange “best” moment but it reminds me of how much I love this sport and how strong I really am.

Favorite Derby Moment: After being off skates for seven months due to my injury skating my twenty five laps in less than five minutes my first attempt after being cleared from my doctor. This allowed me to make the roster and eligible to skate in my first bout, woo hoo!

Likes: Family, friends, art, watersports, nature and cooking.

Dislikes: Dishonest people, mean people, and people who bite their fork when eating.

Derby Heroes: It is more like a crush and I am not telling ;) but I have a deep admiration for anyone who gears up and leaves it all on the track.

Pre-Bout Ritual: I visit the bathroom a lot, meditate, stretch, do pushups and pick silly fights with my man: / I like to listen to punk, funk, rap and metal; I like anything that gets me pumped.

Derby Wife/Spouse:

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