Roxi Razorbomb #27

Joined Rogue: July 2011

Rogue Debut:

Profession: Software developer, webmistress, all around computer whisperer

Skate Gear: Bont Hybrids, Avenger plate, Atom Super-G wheels

Teams You've Played For:

How did you get involved with roller derby?:

How did you choose your derby name?: It was the only name not taken

Pre-Derby Sports Background: soccer, softball, field hockey, stuff the Army forced me to do

Off Skates Workouts: baha!

Best Fresh Meat Moment:

Favorite Derby Moment:

Likes: not being injured

Dislikes: people who talk alot but don't actually say anything

Derby Heroes: Bonnie Thunders, Eris Discordia, Roxy Rockett, West Coast MaFia

Pre-Bout Ritual: type in all the skater names in the scoreboard

Derby Wife/Spouse: Sofi Razorbomb

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