Risky Biscuit #747

Risky Biscuit headshot

Joined Rogue: September 2008

Rogue Debut: November 2008

Profession: None ya!

Skate Gear: Wheels on feet, pads on joints, bucket on head.

Teams You've Played For: Rogue Rollergirls, Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz

How did you get involved with roller derby?: I was pregnant and dreaming about roller skating every night. I bought a pair of skates before I had my daughter so I could skate as soon as I had her. Once I discover skating around in circles by myself was pretty boring I decided to do some research then I found out about roller derby! My life has been better ever since!

How did you choose your derby name?: I wanted something that would make people smile... You can't say "Risky Biscuit" without smiling!!!

Pre-Derby Sports Background: Cheerleading, dancing and shopping.

Off Skates Workouts: Chasing my two little future derby girls!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: My first day getting hit. The whole team ganged up on me and beat me up for an hour straight. I couldn't count how many times I hit the floor. I cried the whole way home that day and thought that might have been my last day. Turns out, it just made me want to get better so I could hit people back!

Favorite Derby Moment: Skating with the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz when I lived in Germany. Winning the first German National Championships in Berlin, Germany in 2010. It was the most intense and emotional experience I've had in derby and I am forever grateful to SVRG for welcoming me with love and open arms and letting me play with them. STUTTGART IM HAUS!!!! DEUTCH MEISTER!!!!!!

Likes: My husband, tofu, Howard Stern, couponing, twerking, skating (duh), meditation, The South Carolina Gamecocks, tattoos, anything sparkly, being a mom, Black Milk Clothing and Coca Cola!

Dislikes: Snakes and spiders, inequality, the cold, irresponsible drivers, smoking, judgmental people and The Clemson Tigers.

Derby Heroes: You mean SHE-RO? My derby wife, Westcoast Ma Fia. She isn't just a derby SHE-ro either, she's a LIFE she-ro! I have seen her overcome and excel at everything she puts her mind to over the years and always has a smile on her face when she does it. Also, she is completely FEARLESS on the track when she is playing. I adore her!

Pre-Bout Ritual: Meditate, shave stuff, eat stuff, put on like 10 pairs of panty hose and drink a red bull!

Derby Wife/Spouse: Westcoast Ma Fia 0313

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