ReoCurran Nightmare #31

Joined Rogue: July 2013

Rogue Debut: October 2013

Profession: Elementary PE Teacher

Skate Gear: Old school Riedell boots, Sure Grip frames, Atom Juke wheels, and Bionic bearings

Teams You've Played For: Only Rogue

How did you get involved with roller derby?: I heard that a friend of mine was joining the team and I couldn't resist the opportunity to join with her.

How did you choose your derby name?: Coming up with a name I liked was probably harder than passing assessments! I really wanted to play on my first name, Carmen, but there were already a plethora of registered Carmen somethings that I had to start thinking in a different direction. Randomly, in middle of bowling, ReoCurran Nightmare (playing on my last name) came to me, and I loved it.

Pre-Derby Sports Background: Speed skating, cycling, and softball

Off Skates Workouts: plyometrics, weight training, and a variety of cardio workouts

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Finding out that the Grannies snuck a photo of me during the one leg balance part of assessments because I looked like a "trophy topper". lol

Favorite Derby Moment: So far, getting lead jammer for the first time in my first bout and hearing the announcer say my was extra cool because it was in the Savannah Civic Center!

Likes: any type of skating, cycling, mini golf, football, the beach, walking my dog, spending time with family and friends, pizza, breakfast, the occasional adult beverage, and sleep

Dislikes: drama, people who don't think before they talk, bad drivers, olives, & ketchup

Derby Heroes: the Grannies on my team, Racer McChaseHer, & Atomatrix

Pre-Bout Ritual: Warm up hard, stretch, hydrate, visualize the win

Derby Wife/Spouse: currently available

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