Pika-Ju #25

Pika-Ju headshot

Joined Rogue: July 2013

Rogue Debut: July 2013

Profession: Normal person by day. Superhero by night. I can't tell you which one though, what with the whole secret identity and all...

Skate Gear: Antik Spyders, Reckless Envy wheels, lots and lots of duct tape

Teams You've Played For: El Paso Roller Derby

How did you get involved with roller derby?: I saw my first bout in Boston (Boston Derby Dames) and was hooked. I remember sitting in the stands and admiring these amazonian women battling it out and loving the whole experience. I bought my skates that very week and was determined to try out...but guess what, I hadn't skated since I was 12! While skating I fell, broke my leg, and missed try-outs because I was in a cast. And that's the moment I knew I could do roller derby - because I broke myself but STILL wanted to get back on skates and do it again.

How did you choose your derby name?: In El Paso, I skated under the name Lady Terri Fire and my number was P90X. When I moved here, my derby sister (Shimmy Shame) christened me "Pika-Ju" after Pikachu and I loved it. People think the character Pikachu is not very intimidating because he hops around saying "pika, pika" and being really cute all the time, but don't ever get him mad because then friggin' lightning bolts come out of his whole body and burn you to a crisp. Lesson learned: Don't get me mad. Ever.

Pre-Derby Sports Background: I was a ballet dancer for 9 years, then decided that martial arts was more my style. Go figure.

Off Skates Workouts: Huge fan of P90X and Insanity workouts.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Getting the second fastest time for my 25 laps in 5 minutes. The fresh meat who beat me was actually a transfer skater and had been playing for years.

Favorite Derby Moment: Wow, there are too many.

Likes: dark chocolate, baking, reading my kindle, new roller girls (fresh meat), rum raisin ice cream

Dislikes: really slow drivers (handicapped and elderly excepted, they can drive slow), Walmart, gear that hasn't been washed for months

Derby Heroes: Bonnie D. Stroir, Suzy Hotrod, Beyonslay, Grim D. Mise...there are a lot.

Pre-Bout Ritual: I run 6 miles, do 80 crunches, 45 pull ups, and an Insanity video. Just kidding. I lie on the couch, snack on lara bars, and watch tv. Every now and then, I get up to make sure my legs still work.

Derby Wife/Spouse: Redd Dahlia and Atomic Fireball (El Paso Roller Derby)

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