Miso Sorry #777

Joined Rogue: January 2013

Rogue Debut: July 2013

Profession: Animal Hospital of Fayetteville

Skate Gear: Sure Grip boots, Neon Green Backward Scribble Wheels, Hot Pink Trucks, Neon laces, Killer 187 Pads, some crazy derby skinz or leggings....and the fun Shwings for some flare.

Teams You've Played For:

How did you get involved with roller derby?: My husband's homie was like, "Hey! My wife does Roller Derby and your wife should too!" and we were like "Whaaaaaaaaaat! Sign me Up!!!"

How did you choose your derby name?: I'm 1/2 Philippino....and love speaking in an Asian accent.

Pre-Derby Sports Background: Huge adrenaline junkie here! This is why I love Roller Derby so much along with....Skydiving, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing, Snowboarding, Longboarding, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis or Baseball. Work hard and play harder!

Off Skates Workouts: Zuzka Light Cardo/ZCut, Turbo Fire, Circuit training, Strength Training, Cross fit, High Intensity Interval Training, Yoga and Jackie Warner Training.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: When my light bulb came on for Cross Overs during lap sprints. I literally was yelling, "I'M DOING IT!!!!"

Favorite Derby Moment: My initial nick name was Neon Pop Tart because everything I own is Neon and I pop up like a crazy Jack in the Box.

Likes: Acting a fool with my amazing husband, Photography, Modeling, Painting Acrylics, Sketching, any sport for an adrenaline rush, screaming BOOTY at derby girls, PUPPIEEEEEEEEEES, Unicorns, and I still enjoy a good game of Hide N Seek. You'll never find this ninja!

Dislikes: DRAMA!!!!!!!!!! Save that for yo Llama, and yo Llama's Momma!

Derby Heroes: All my Rogue Rollergirls. They really do help me become better and they make this crazy stuff look easy.

Pre-Bout Ritual: Eating Sweet potato fries and carbs the night before

Derby Wife/Spouse: My husband is my ultimate Derby supporter and helps in any way that he can at our butt kicking Bouts. I love all of my Derby Sisters/Wives on the team!!! LOVE YOU ALL LONG TIME!!!!!!!

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