Melisstress #1121

Joined Rogue: January 2013

Rogue Debut: July 2013

Profession: US Army PSYOP; 5 Years til I can retire and be a traveling bum!

Skate Gear: Skates: Antiks SyderPads: killer 187sHelmet: Purple!& lots of fun socks, leggins & or booty shorts!

Teams You've Played For: Rogue and only Rogue

How did you get involved with roller derby?: Tanea 'Feelin Froggy' was at a zumba class I was in. We were dance buddies so to speak and at the end of class, she was like 'do you skate?' and I was like 'weird question' and I went to practice that Sun and was hooked!

How did you choose your derby name?: I got to really know many of my Derby girls a couple of weeks ago and they discovered I like to spank booties:-) Hehe... A couple other names like Mystress Pain and Mystress Mayhem were thrown around, but I have Miso to thank for the brilliantness of Melisstress!

Pre-Derby Sports Background: I'm mostly a solitary sports kinda gal like running, tri-athlons, biking... I've played volleyball & softball but never really got into them. I think there's something about the personalities and dynamics of the women who play derby! I belong here:-) GoRuck I hate to love & I absolutely love to dance

Off Skates Workouts: Running, mtn bike, swimming, working out with my trainer, putting a pack on my back & rucking some absurde amount of time with other crazy people & carrying heavy shit!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: There's so many! Skating with all the awesome ladies in Rogue

Favorite Derby Moment: Discovering the world of difference it makes in your skating just by loosening your trucks!

Likes: The perma-bruise on my left butt cheek! The true sign of a derby girl:-) Dancing, karaoke, my dogs, friends, music, reading, cuddling, and on & on

Dislikes: Being cold! Fake people, Drama, Intolerance

Derby Heroes: All the women of Rogue, they have been my teachers

Pre-Bout Ritual: Haven't had to do one yet, but I guess I'll figure it out!

Derby Wife/Spouse: Spanks for all of em!

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