McHot Pants #1984

Joined Rogue: April 2014

Rogue Debut: May 2014

Profession: Scenic Artist/Designer

Skate Gear: Elbows/knees - 187, wrists - crappy roller blade brand, helmet -I've had too long to remember, Riedell 265 boots, looking to upgrade plates (one day) maybe Avengers, Revenge, or Venus

Teams You've Played For: Pacific Roller Derby

How did you get involved with roller derby?: I always loved watching so I ran own my local Derby league in Hawaii, and NSOed until their next freshmeat intake.

How did you choose your derby name?: It's an ironic jab at my paint covered hobo-chic Work pants.

Pre-Derby Sports Background: Softball (forever), Cross Country runner through High School

Off Skates Workouts: Insanity, PIYO, Yoga, Spin/cycling, hiking

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Going a whole practice without falling on my arse

Favorite Derby Moment: Accidentally mooning my inlaws at a bout when someone tried to pull my pants

Likes: green, laughing

Dislikes: pink, petty garbage

Derby Heroes: Demanda Riot, Ivana S. Pankin, Trish the Dish (Team awesome), CC Bang! Bang! Misfit

Pre-Bout Ritual: Titanium - David Guetta, and LOTS of water... Urine should be clear and odorless, ladies!

Derby Wife/Spouse: Snatch Monkey #69 - Big Island

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