Malice in Woundherland #106

Joined Rogue: January 2014

Rogue Debut:

Profession: Stagehand/Roadie, Promotional Model

Skate Gear: Skates - Riedell She Devils. Wheels- Villains. Trucks - Powerdyne. Toe Stop - Moonwalker. Helmet and Knee Pads - Pro Tec. Wrist Guards and Elbow Pads - 187. Mouthgard - Sisu

Teams You've Played For:

How did you get involved with roller derby?: I skated every week in HS and always loved it. Risky Biscuit found out I had missed trying out for two other leagues because of relocation and claimed me.

How did you choose your derby name?: Every time I'm asked "Are you crazy???" about something dangerous or incredibly demanding that I do my reply is my favorite quote from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, "We're all mad here". Alice became Malice and Jade Ninja thought up Woundherland. My number is for the 10/6 price tag on the Mad Hatter's top hat.

Pre-Derby Sports Background: Dancer in multiple styles since I was 4, co-captain of the flag corps in HS and playing every sport we could think of no rules, full contact tackle with the neighbor guys and my German Shepard growing up in Steeler Country.

Off Skates Workouts: Belly Dance

Best Fresh Meat Moment: When Dirty Dave skated past us and randomly commented "There's no twerking in derby." It became a Freshie saying and every time we were getting frustrated someone would say it and crack us all up.

Favorite Derby Moment: Before I was a Rogue I was part of the pirate brigade who were mascots for the Marauding Mollys in Tacoma, WA. When they won the Dockyard Derby Dames Championship they circled us in the middle of the rink cheering, screaming, crying...I'd been sitting on bleachers in a corset for 8 hours and I got so much energy from them I didn't even notice and couldn't wait for try outs so I could be a bigger part of that experience.

Likes: My snakes and hedgehog, metal music, gaming, SCA, dance, the Steelers, Harleys, classic and muscle cars, Horror, SciFi, Fantasy and oh yeah, that really awesome guy I share my life with who is my biggest cheerleader and hero and I couldn't live without.

Dislikes: Two faced backstabbing phonies who live for drama, people who assume I can't do something because of my size or sex, bad drivers, fast zombies and spiders. Don't get in my way if I see a spider.

Derby Heroes: All our Grannies, I've learned so much from them I'd have to list them all. JBomb of Steel City Roller Derby who is my union sister and first got me interested in derby.

Pre-Bout Ritual: Pantera and Five Finger Death Punch as loud as possible. If I can't mosh I shall bout.

Derby Wife/Spouse:

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