LoneStar Assassin #512

LoneStar Assassin headshot

Joined Rogue: January 2014

Rogue Debut:

Profession: Professional Multitasker

Skate Gear: Skates: Riedell R3. Wheels: B'zerk Psychos and Madmans. Mouthguard: SISU. Knee Pads: Triple-Eight KP-Pro. Elbow Pads: The 187 Fly. Wrist Guards: Triple-Eight Wristsavers. Helmet: Triple-Eight Brainsaver

Teams You've Played For: Rogue

How did you get involved with roller derby?: When my husband and I moved here I wanted something athletic to do and when I googled the sports in town Rogue was the first thing to pop up and it sounded like fun!

How did you choose your derby name?: LoneStar to represent my home state of Texas and Assassin because I love to shoot stuff and hunt.

Pre-Derby Sports Background: I played volleyball, basketball and softball in HS and slow pitch softball during college.

Off Skates Workouts: walking my dogs

Best Fresh Meat Moment: When all the freshies came together and helped each other and became "Beasts" together. Also, when the amazing grannies would help me with anything I didn't understand or get.

Favorite Derby Moment: Still making them ;o)

Likes: hunting, fishing, Rogue girlies, camo, jacked up trucks and caffeine!


Derby Heroes: All the Rogue girls

Pre-Bout Ritual:

Derby Wife/Spouse:

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