Leif Mia Lone #6

Joined Rogue: September 2007

Rogue Debut: September 2007

Profession: Glorified secretary extraordinaire by day... indy pro-wrestler and aspiring actress by night...

Skate Gear: Currently skating in a modified Black Widow package... Reidell 695 boots with Powerdyne Rival plates... Sure-Grip Fugitive wheels with Abec-9 bearings. Rector fat boy knee pads (love them!), Pro-tec elbow pads, and Triple-8 Anti-glove wrist guards... And a Triple-8 Brainsaver helmet.

Teams You've Played For: Maine Roller Derby, Rogue Rollergirls, Cherry Belles, Homewreckers

How did you get involved with roller derby?: I was sitting on my couch, eating bon-bons, and channel-surfing like a ninja when I stumbled upon Rollergirls on A&E. I was immediately captivated. After the show was over, I hopped online to find out more about this AMAZING sport called roller derby, and found out there was a league based in Raleigh (CRG). However, fate had a move in store for me, and rather than join CRG, I returned to my family in Maine and joined the newly-forming Maine Roller Derby. That's where I learned derby. But after a year, I returned to NC, and fell in love with my Rogues.

How did you choose your derby name?: I've always been a bit of a loner, and I love Viking culture and my heritage, so Leif Mia Lone just seemed like a perfect fit.

Pre-Derby Sports Background: In high school I played softball and soccer and was captain of the swim team.

Off Skates Workouts: I usually hit the gym at least 5 days a week for a mix of cardio and strength training... plus wrestling training twice a week... and sometimes I'll throw in some DDP Yoga for funsies.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Proving that even though I couldn't even stand up on my skates on day one without falling, I had the HEART to fight against the odds and become one helluva derby athlete.

Favorite Derby Moment: My very first practice with Rogue after transferring from MRD - all of the ladies made me feel like I was part of the family from the beginning.

Likes: Alphabetizing, cats, derby, hats, ice cream, reading, teamwork, wrestling, zombies.

Dislikes: Douchecanoes and jerk-faces... close-minded people... cattiness and drama...

Derby Heroes: Roxy Rockett and Eris Discordia (CRG)Bull Lee (Rogue founder)

Pre-Bout Ritual: I'm very superstitious... as such, I keep my full list of pre-bout rituals to myself.

Derby Wife/Spouse: Tinkertank (retired MRD)

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