Deanne T. Krist #10

Joined Rogue: February 2009

Rogue Debut: March 2009

Profession: Drug Dealer...I peddle caffeine and keep people coming back on the daily...legally.

Skate Gear: Brain Bucket, SISU mouthguard, 187 Killer Pads, Riedell Reactor 265's with Atom Poisons and when I am donning the pink...PEARLS!

Teams You've Played For: Savannah Derby Devils, Rogue Rollergirls All-Stars, Rogue Rollergirls Ritzy Rollers, Carolina Hurticanes, Cape Fear Roller Girls Convixens, Team 151, Motley Brews

How did you get involved with roller derby?: I got involved in roller derby because I was looking for a different form of fitness, and I found that with the Savannah Derby Devils. They hosted a roller derby boot camp and it was the best week of my life. I was hooked IMMEDIATELY! I have always played team sports, and fell in love with the camaraderie of extreme female athletes.

How did you choose your derby name?: Deanne T. Virus is the name I am known by now, and is a combination of my love of medicine and my position within Rogue... I am a blocker, and an antivirus exists to "block" viruses

Pre-Derby Sports Background: Softball, Cheerleading, Field Hockey

Off Skates Workouts: Currently...running, weight-training, obstacle courses, and looking to begin cross-fit.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Passing assessments and getting asked to skate with Fear Abby, Eva Lyn Twisted, Maya Rulz, Ms. Betty Luvsit, Monocle Debacle, Dyslexie, Reanne Forcer, Felony Melanie, Rhymes with Death, Tsu Legit of Savannah Derby Devils, and Madam Meshugana, and Medusa Sedusa of Coastal Derby Empire against Columbia Quad Squad.

Favorite Derby Moment: I cannot pick I will just derby career.

Likes: Derby, Athletes, Skating Fast and Turning Left, Footwork...did I already say Derby?


Derby Heroes:

Pre-Bout Ritual: I am the current ILC, so I run around and bark orders as my pre-bout ritual.

Derby Wife/Spouse:

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