Busty LaRue #36D

Joined Rogue: September 2009

Rogue Debut: December 2009

Profession: EMT for Cumberland County

Skate Gear: still experimenting hoping for that perfect fit :) Loving my antiks though

Teams You've Played For: Rogue, 151 Threads, Homewreckers

How did you get involved with roller derby?:

How did you choose your derby name?:

Pre-Derby Sports Background:

Off Skates Workouts: Cardio, Endurance, Muscle Endurance, Trying to learn to love running

Best Fresh Meat Moment:

Favorite Derby Moment:

Likes: making memories, traveling, the smell of derby, new things, challenges, Self improvements, the sound of skates hitting the track, life long friendships, laughing

Dislikes: Rude people, bad sportsmanship, chaos, the penalty box

Derby Heroes:

Pre-Bout Ritual: Lots of hype up texting with my lovely Rogues and music

Derby Wife/Spouse: Bloody Mary Goodnight <3

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