Bob N' Weeve #11

Joined Rogue: November 2013

Rogue Debut: December 2013

Profession: Army

Skate Gear: Lingino skates!!! Switch out a lot with my other gear

Teams You've Played For: JBLM Bettie Brigade

How did you get involved with roller derby?: Met Jesse lil death Britton before a deployment and she exposed me to the world of Derby...I've been in love since ;)

How did you choose your derby name?: Brain stormed with friends at work and one of the guys that skates for a men's league threw out the name Bob n Weeve. Since I love fake hair and tend to juke a lot I let it stick.

Pre-Derby Sports Background: Soccer, track and field

Off Skates Workouts: Lifting, crossfit, trails runs

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Getting skate raped during the scrimmage part of tryouts. Still brings tears to my eyes;)

Favorite Derby Moment: Skating in tournament with members of my rival team and kicking butt!!! Amazing feeling to click so well with women I was used to skate against.

Likes: Gym, skating, traveling, plain awesomness

Dislikes: Laziness and being sick

Derby Heroes: Bonnie thunders and Quadzilla!!!!

Pre-Bout Ritual: I'll hydrate the night before and the morning of will wake up during the later part of the morning. I'll eat oatmeal for breakfast and have a light lunch and get dress to dub step music...occasionally I'll take some pre workout 30 min prior to game time if I'm feeling sluggish :)

Derby Wife/Spouse: Still free to mingle

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