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Roller Derby takes center stage in Columbia County
WJBF | 2016-05-20

It is an event that will bring hundreds of people and thousands of dollars to our area this weekend. Augusta's Soul City Sirens

Serving the country, community on, off skates
Paraglide | 2015-05-14

At first glance, the Rogue Rollergirls seem like a rag tag team of women on skates with alter ego nicknames.

Rogue Rollergirls at the Crown Arena on Saturday, May 9
Fayetteville Observer | 2015-05-08

A wiry blonde with the moniker "3D" emblazoned on her back ricocheted past skaters with names such as Kitty KaBoom, Claire

Rogue Rollergirls
Paraglide | 2015-04-17

The Fayetteville Roller Derby Rogue Rollergirls open their season against the Marietta Derby Darlin at the Crown Arena on Saturday.

Roller derby popular with Hoke skaters
The News~Journal | 2014-06-25

Desiree Snow is out of the wrestling ring and back on her skates, and she's not the only one from Raeford jamming and blocking with the Fayetteville

Rogue Roller Girls opens season with rout
Paraglide | 2014-05-08

"If the offense thrills then the (Rogue Rollergirls) defense kills," said game announcer Doug Ray.

Fayetteville Rogue Rollergirls get apprentice affiliate recognition by national organization
Fayetteville Observer | 2014-05-05

Fayetteville's Rogue Rollergirls have been accepted as an apprentice affiliate of the The Women's Flat Track Derby Assoc

Crown Complex shows off its changes
Fayetteville Observer | 2014-03-27

The public got a sneak peek at the changes underway at the Crown Center during an open house Thursday.

Rogue Rollergirls: Ribbon Walk & Ride
Fort Bragg Patch | 2013-08-30

Rogue Rollergirls will be teaming up with the Cancer Center by walking and running in the Ribbon Walk for 2013.

Rogue Roller Girls Skate to Benefit Breast Cancer
Fort Bragg Patch | 2013-07-02

Saturday, July 13, the Rogue Roller Girls are hosting the Hawaiian Punch roller derby match at the Round-a-Bout Skating

Fresh Meat at Rogue Rollergirl Try Outs
Fort Bragg Patch | 2013-07-01

Monday night at Round-a-bout's skating rink around 15 new females lined up to prove their mettle and find out more about

Rogue rolls over competition
Paraglide | 2013-05-09

The Rogue Rollergirls dominated the Kill Devil Derby Brigade as they outscored their opponent by 203 points during the Mayday Havoc for Heroes roller

Things to do, how to survive life after football season
Paraglide | 2013-05-02

Ah, the classic problem of what to do when football season has ended. For a lot of sports fans this is the time of the year when we die a little insid

Fayetteville voted Rogue Rollergirls as the best local sports team for 2012
Greatest Around | 2013-05-01

If you haven't taken the family out to enjoy a local sports team, you are missing out. Fayetteville has everything from baseball to roller derby.

Meet the no-nonsense stars of Fayetteville's Rogue Rollergirls roller derby team
Fayetteville Observer | 2013-03-24

The Rogue Rollergirls play rough. How rough? Tracey O'Connor points to a scar on her leg. O'Connor, a member of the flat-track roller derby team since

May 26, 2012 bout recap (starts at 6:48)
Derby News Network | 2012-05-01

Alright the line up for the Rogue Roller Girls are: Samoa Pain #82 Ana Maul E #34:20

Photo shoot with Raul Rubiera
Raul Rubiera | 2011-03-01

On a roll
Fayetteville Observer | 2009-11-29

I first started roller skating as a child on the sidewalks in Raleigh. I remember it as being a lot of fun. My grandfather, Lacy Rankin Thacker, often

Thrills on wheels
Fayetteville Observer | 2009-10-02

"Whip It," the new Drew Barrymore film about a young girl (Ellen Page) finding her tribe in a roller derby team, opens this weekend. It looks to be th

Meet the Viking Leif Mia Lone
Up & Coming Weekly | 2009-03-31

Rogue Roller Girl reporter Risky Biscuit is on the derby trail again this time in search of an infamous recluse. As luck would have it, the trail was

Rogue Rollergirls Roll All Over The Competition
Up & Coming Weekly | 2009-03-03

How many times in the past two years have you heard it proclaimed that roller derby is back in Fayetteville? Now add it once more to your list.

FAPS pets jam way into Rollergirls hearts
Fayetteville Observer | 2008-07-19

Tough girls, it seems, can have tender hearts. That was apparent recently when the the Rogue Rollergirls, FayettevilleÂ’s roller derby team, raised $1,

Heaven and Hell on Wheels
Up & Coming Weekly | 2008-04-28

I didn't know what to expect when I agreed to meet members of Fayetteville's Rogue Rollergirls - the city's only female roller derby team - at their h

Rough and Rumble
Fayetteville Observer | 2008-02-02

For many, the mention of roller derby brings to mind images of women bulldozing each other in a choreographed comic drama on wheels. But FayettevilleÂ’

Rogue warriors
Fayetteville Observer | 2007-03-18

Not in her everyday life, anyway. But get her on the rink and Rachel Sumja, a 34-year-old Air Force wife and mother of two, transforms into Bull Lee.

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