The Rogue Rollergirls were founded in October 2006 by former Gem City and Carolina Rollergirls skater, Bull Lee. The inaugural bout of the Rogue Rollergirls was held in March 2007 between Rogue's two home teams: the Cherry Belles and the Black Mambas. Both team names were retired in May 2009, at the Battle Royale, which saw the return of many former Rogue skaters for Bull Lee's retirement bout. Since then, the Rogue Rollergirls have continued to operate by the skaters, for the skaters.
Currently, there is no regulated season for the sport of roller derby. Rogue skaters train all year, taking a break in December. The home season occurs March through November. In addition to Home games, Rogue travels to various states to bout other leagues.
"Bout" is the term for a roller derby game, and is made up of two 30-minute periods, with half-time in between. Rogue bouts are family-friendly and include witty announcers, raffle prizes, merchandise and very vocal fans.
The WFTDA created this video called "The Basics of Flat Track Roller Derby." It's a 2-minute crash course in roller derby!
Our skaters do not get paid to play roller derby. We buy our own equipment, gear and uniforms - in addition to paying monthly dues to be a league member! Some of our costs are offset by sponsorships, but we are primarily a skater owned and operated league.
We play roller derby because we love it. In fact, our league is set up as a non-profit organization. If any net profits are gained Rogue uses the funds to offset travel costs, and/or we also actively give back to the community through contributions and regular involvement with local charities.
First and foremost, roller derby is a real sport, with real contact. There is no pre-determined outcome. All of our skaters train hard to learn how to make effective contact within the rules of the game (no elbowing, punching, tripping, etc); our skaters give hard hits and take hard hits. We follow rules set forth by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).
Most skaters in roller derby adopt a skate name. Some names are funny, some are tough, and a lot are plays on real names or terms. Each skater chooses her own name, and it represents her personality on the track.
Roller derby has uniforms just like any sport, but we add our own twist to them. Our uniforms are a sign of team unity, but still allow us to be individuals as well. We create themes that reflect our own personal style, as well as the tough, fun, and aggressive aspects of the sport.
See our Join Us page for more information. We are always looking for officials, statisticians, support staff, EMTs, etc. Officials and statisticians can be male or female, 18+. Officials are hot commodities in the roller derby community and the good ones often get to travel regionally to assist other leagues. We love our volunteers, but can always use more!

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