Fayetteville Roller Derby, better-known as the Rogue Rollergirls, is an all-volunteer, skater owned-and-operated, not-for-profit roller derby league dedicated to promoting the competition and athleticism of flat track roller derby in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Our mission is to continue to grow as a stable organization of inspiring, self-confident athletes and positive female role models.

What It Takes

Roller derby is an expensive sport. Skaters don't get paid; in fact, we pay to play! Skaters pay for their own equipment, monthly dues, insurance, uniforms and other miscellaneous expenses. Unfortunately, running a league is costly, and this is where we need your support. The League is responsible for securing practice space, booking a venue for bouts, paying for Rogue All-Star team travel expenses, as well as various other expenses.

In order to help cover these costs and effectively operate, League members pay dues and volunteer their free time each month to support league events. Skaters that hold a Board or Committee Chair positions are essentially taking on a part time job, as these positions require many hours of extra work each month. In addition to the board positions, ALL skaters donate their time to raise funds for our League. Even with fundraising efforts, the League still relies heavily on sponsorships and donations from individuals to keep the Rogue Rollergirls going strong.

Your Donations

You can decide how your donations are spent. When donating, just let us know what you would like your money to be used for – whether it be bout venues, practice space, or something else. You can even donate toward your favorite skater's monthly dues! Large or small, every donation helps and is greatly appreciated!

Other Ways to Help

If you'd like to support the Rogue Rollergirls in other ways, here are some ideas!

Thank you for supporting the Rogue Rollergirls!

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