SheHulk #94

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Joined Rogue:

Rogue Debut:

Profession: I am a waitress and a full time student.

Skate Gear: I wear Riedell boots with poison wheels. Still working on my set up:)

Teams You've Played For: DaVille Roller Derby

How did you get involved with roller derby?: My sister, Fangbanger, saw an add online and then we tried out. After a few months we made the move to Fayettville Roller Derby and it was the best decision.

How did you choose your derby name?: Going to the gym and lifting weights they would say "dang SheHulk" and it just stuck.

Pre-Derby Sports Background: I have played softball for 12 years before moving to North Carolina.

Off Skates Workouts: Running, squats, lots of core, and footwork.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: just being apart of the team was awesome, but my favorite moment was definitely when we all got to open our packages and see what home team we were apart of.

Favorite Derby Moment: Being put in for the first time. Feeling the rush of the jam. It's an amazing feeling.

Likes: Blocking, footwork drills, bouting, and being apart of an amazing team.

Dislikes: Jamming and endurance workouts.

Derby Heroes: Every women out there that puts 100% into their derby career and leaves it all on the track.

Pre-Bout Ritual: Jamming out to music, lots of water, and just in general getting pumped:)

Derby Wife/Spouse: FangBanger

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