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Joined Rogue: April 2016

Rogue Debut: June 2016

Profession: I handle owner operator pay and company safety and tax compliance at a moving and storage company.

Skate Gear: I'm still new so I'm figuring out what set up I like best. if it fits comfortably and I'm protected I wear it.

Teams You've Played For:

How did you get involved with roller derby?: I saw a open recruitment post on social media, figured it would be fun to try. I'm not disappointed :)

How did you choose your derby name?: since I was little my dad would say I was a little minx, and generally in my life there is some sort of mayhem, on purpose or otherwise, so I combined them. my number is homage to my team at home the "Andy 3" me, my husband and son. the 17 is my son's hockey number, he gave to me for luck.

Pre-Derby Sports Background: As a child I did some gymnastics, dance and martial arts. being out in the yard riding bikes or exploring the woods with my siblings and friends was also fun. In high school I did some soccer, cheerleading and rec softball. As an adult I run muddy adventure/ obstacle races and generally don't act my age.

Off Skates Workouts: weight lifting, crossfit

Best Fresh Meat Moment: meeting and being so close with amazing women. going thru the same process and supporting each other in the same difficult journey, cheering each other thru struggles and victories. I will never forget them.

Favorite Derby Moment: oh there are so many good moments but my favorite so far I guess would be during assesments. Watching a couple fellow sweet meats who were struggling with jumping the box. After mild convincing and some proding, they jumped the box !!!!!! the whole class lost their minds cheering and admittedly there were some misty eyes, we were all so excited for them! so far, it's one of my favorite moments.

Likes: my biggest cheerleaders, my son and husband. I like them alot :) my awesome shelter dogs Boss n Bailey, my chickens, food, beer, hiking, long motorcycle rides, camping, and the beach

Dislikes: lima beans, fake jerks, mean people, intolerance, lima beans

Derby Heroes: anyone. no matter the level of player. If they put on skates, try their best with a great attitude and have fun they are a hero to me.

Pre-Bout Ritual: I'm adopting my son's pre- ice hockey ritual. Chicken parm or lasagna the night before and loud music on the way to the game. Why mess with tradition, it always worked well for him.

Derby Wife/Spouse: don't have one, yet

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