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Joined Rogue: February 2014

Rogue Debut: October 2014

Profession: I work in advertising at the Fayetteville Observer.

Skate Gear: I skate on the Pink Ladies...Pink Riedell 965 boots and avenger plates, sparkle helmet is a must!

Teams You've Played For: Nashville Rollergirls, Kokeshi Roller Dolls

How did you get involved with roller derby?: I saw my first roller derby bout in December of 2007. Suzy Hotrod and the Gotham Girls were playing against the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls and I was hooked! I tried out for the Rocky Mountain team in January 2008, learned my basics from them, and haven't looked back!

How did you choose your derby name?: I am from Denver, the Mile High City...Miley High Club! I am formerly Luscious Loosie... I had my heart set on Miley High Club when I first decided on a derby name forever ago. Unfortunately that name was rejected by the old system. When I made the move to Fayetteville, I decided it was time to go with my original name!

Pre-Derby Sports Background: I was a not-so-good figure skater when I was a tween, played lacrosse in high school and dabbled in other sports throughout my life.

Off Skates Workouts: I crossfit and try to talk myself into running more, these Carolina hills just kill me!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: I don't know if it's a best moment...but I remember one of my first scrimmages there was a girl...Minimum Rage who was relentless on me! I seriously felt like I was on the floor the entire time! It was a great learning moment to keep picking myself up and skate harder.

Favorite Derby Moment: Skating with Nashville in 2010 at the regional tournament. We were skating against Atlanta for the 3rd place spot and a trip to the Championships. I was on the track for the last jam that sealed our victory. It was one of the best moments of my life.

Likes: Dogs, trashy TV, playing with my son, traveling the world, Colorado, reading

Dislikes: when my dogs bring mud in the house

Derby Heroes: I meet a new derby hero everywhere I go!

Pre-Bout Ritual:

Derby Wife/Spouse:

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