Loba Bella #480

Loba Bella headshot

Joined Rogue: August 2015

Rogue Debut: April 2016


Skate Gear: Helmets s1 elbow and knees pads 187 still experimenting skates and wheels radar villain wheels are really good to start off with 84A

Teams You've Played For: Rogue roller girls

How did you get involved with roller derby?: I met 3D at school and she invited me to come over to see the practice and I fall in love with the sport

How did you choose your derby name?: Loba Bella is spainsh for "Beautiful Wolf". As a Puerto Rican Im part native Indian. My favorite animal guide is the wolf. Wolf are shape-shifters. They can adapt to anything so do I. A wolf symbolize strength, leadership and wisdom. They understand the balance of freedom and the need of a family. They are independent but also part of a pack like a derby team. We are strong as individuals but stronger as a pack

Pre-Derby Sports Background:

Off Skates Workouts:

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Meeting my teammates because I am hearing impaired I was a little skeptical of how they were going to communicate with me but I had the best teammates ever. They were caring and understanding and try their best to help me and communicate with me. They all still do

Favorite Derby Moment: Receiving MVP Jammer on my first game

Likes: Color purple, SuperNatural, the Flash, coffee, Mountain Dew, open minded people, eat, music, Nutella ( angel poop)

Dislikes: Close minded people, over dramatic people, dark chocolate

Derby Heroes: All my teammates learn from them everyday

Pre-Bout Ritual: Big breakfast, hydrate, coconut water and have fun

Derby Wife/Spouse:

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