Little Bo Bleep #69

Little Bo Bleep headshot

Joined Rogue: August 2015

Rogue Debut: February 2016

Profession: I work for the National Center for Outdoor and Adventure Education taking highschool age kids at or below the poverty line into the mountains for 12 days backpacking, rock climbing, and rafting.

Skate Gear: Scabs knee pads/elbow oads, atom wrist gaurds, triple eight helmet, riedell boots.

Teams You've Played For: Appalachian Roller Girls

How did you get involved with roller derby?:

How did you choose your derby name?: It was an insult I heard on a TV show!

Pre-Derby Sports Background: Cheerleader (I know, right?) soccer, volleyball, and softball.

Off Skates Workouts: Running, Pilates, dancing

Best Fresh Meat Moment: When my coach at ARG told me I was a natural at skating and that I picked it up faster than anyone he had ever trained :)

Favorite Derby Moment: My first bout, I was only in for like 3 minutes but I got the opposing jammer penalized using my newfound knowledge of the rules.

Likes: All sweets!! Ice cream, Netflix, my dog Lulu, cat memes, cursing, foreign countries, Jello shots, and hoodies.

Dislikes: Cooked vegetables, rude people, and snakes.

Derby Heroes: Jackie Daniels, Coolhand Duke

Pre-Bout Ritual: I put my face on, change into my boutfit, put on my gear, and skate.

Derby Wife/Spouse: All of ARG ;)

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