Legz Lee Nielsen #292

Joined Rogue: December 2016

Rogue Debut:

Profession: Stay at home mom of 3 amazing boys

Skate Gear: 187 pads Riedell skates

Teams You've Played For:

How did you get involved with roller derby?: I was approached by a derby player at a comic convention (librarycon) found out about tryout dates and decided to give it a go..and here I am

How did you choose your derby name?: I was watching the movie 'Airplane' with Leslie Nielsen

Pre-Derby Sports Background: Soccer, chasing kids around the house, professional grocery bag carrier, animal care provider, budget coordinator, tear wiper, cheerer-upper, teacher, wife, best friend.

Off Skates Workouts: Hiking

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Surprising our coaches with some hand made gifts.. I loved every moment of the fresh meat program..and the ladies who took their time to help us all become the skaters we are now.

Favorite Derby Moment: The first time I EVER scrimmaged.. I was scared out of my MIND.. I had no clue what was happening..all I knew was that I wanted to give it my all..especially when I got to put on the Jammer panty.. so I did.. I gave it my all..and I had THE BEST TIME EVER.. *still felt lost..but I had alot of fun doing it*

Likes: All things nerdy.. I love going to ComiCons.. I do cosplaying as much as possible.. I love everything Harry Potter..I still collect toys..as a matter of fact.. I bought one just today.. I also love the outdoors..the beach and fishing mostly.

Dislikes: Negativity. It's quite a bummer..

Derby Heroes: I don't particularly have ONE derby hero.. I have multiple.. and it's my entire team.. all of FRD is so amazing. They're all encouraging and inspirational.. They're all hero's.

Pre-Bout Ritual: **I'm new to the team and havent had mt first bout (yet) But.. before my first scrimmage I listened to some "pump me up music" Music - motown..funk..80's pop..

Derby Wife/Spouse: I don't have a derby wife..yet

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