Hip Chute'R #C130

Hip Chute

Joined Rogue: January 2014

Rogue Debut: May 2014

Profession: Army Public Affairs NCO

Skate Gear: R3s with Poison wheels and 187 Killer elbow and knee pads.

Teams You've Played For: Rogue Rollergirls

How did you get involved with roller derby?: I worked with VaLisa Raptor's husband, who told me about open tryouts. I knew nothing about derby at all, but I showed up anyway.

How did you choose your derby name?: It took forever! I wanted my name to be fun but also mean something to me. Being a Paratrooper is a huge part of my life so I went with "Chute" which is short for parachute, and because we use our hips a lot... It just kind of came together on its own.

Pre-Derby Sports Background: Cheerleading is a sport, right? I did that for 6 years.

Off Skates Workouts: Other than Army PT, I'm an inconsistent gym rat and a fair weather runner.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Other than the day I passed assessments, I loved so much about my fresh meat time. It was amazing how all the freshies came together from the very beginning to encourage one another and all the support we got from the grannies.

Favorite Derby Moment: Finally getting crossovers! I had a really hard time picking my feet up (still do sometimes) and crossovers just didn't make sense to me. Then one day they just did. I don't think anyone noticed the first time I successfully crossed over, but I was ecstatic.

Likes: People who support but also push me to be better... and Chinese food.

Dislikes: People who are lazy and don't live up to their potential... and spiders.

Derby Heroes: All of my Rogue ladies! From the amazing grannies who teach us so much without even realizing it to my fellow freshies who push hard at every practice to get better. They're all an inspiration.

Pre-Bout Ritual: It's been scientifically proven that I skate better hung over so I'll have a few drinks the night before to help with nerves. ; ) The day of I get complete tunnel vision and wig out. Once I've had warm-up time on the track I feel like I'm finally ready.

Derby Wife/Spouse: Single and ready to mingle!

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