Duchess of Pain #897

Duchess of Pain headshot

Joined Rogue:

Rogue Debut: August 2016

Profession: Nurse

Skate Gear: Blue streak skates and Morph wheels. Triple 8 and Pro Derby pads. Triple 8 helmet COVERED in glitter

Teams You've Played For: West Kentucky Rockin' Rollers, Clarksvillian Roller Girls, Miami Vice City Rollergirls, Key West Derby Dames

How did you get involved with roller derby?: When I was in nursing school, my partner tried to get me to join for a year. I met a guy on a dating website who reffed for a team in another state. Between the two of them, I lost the battle and joined! 4 months later I moved to Key West and started a league there. The rest is history!

How did you choose your derby name?: My first team called me Squatsimodo, for obvious reasons. When I relocated, I had to change that! Princess Diana has always been my mentor, it was just my daily way of reminding myself to be as caring and as giving as she was.

Pre-Derby Sports Background: Track and Field and Goat Tying

Off Skates Workouts: I lift things up and put them down. "Don't put me down for Cardio".

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Almost crying my eyes out and vomiting on the track when I was told Bebe Tango and Choco Cat were about to give me a Can Opener; this was the league requirement to pass fresh meat.

Favorite Derby Moment: I have 2: When the Key West Derby Dames won their very first game. When Salma Havoc was playing Shoe derby in Chanklatas on an outdoor track. She busted out of the pack, lost her chanklatas in the process, only to fall and slide boob first through dog poo. She rolled over laughing so hard she was crying and said "my maiden name is Sanchez! I have to change my derby name to Dirty Sanchez"!

Likes: Family, friends, and funny cat videos.

Dislikes: Tomatoes and the cold.

Derby Heroes: The list is long but I'll name a few I know personally: Tallygator, Scout SnipeHer, Wild Cherri, and Jas Hubbard.

Pre-Bout Ritual: Whopper with Cheese, fries, and a Diet Coke. Not even joking, this is a must. Pre-Bout Poop

Derby Wife/Spouse: Defusing Danger and my retired (Life Wife) Hangin' Judge

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